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Social Media

Caley is active on social media, particularly Twitter.


Any opinions/views posted on Caley's personal accounts are her own and do not represent NASA or any other organization. Mentions, retweets, shares, etc. are not endorsements.

In addition to her personal accounts, she has posted for the following organizations in a limited capacity:

  • NASA's Launch Services Program

  • International Space Apps Challenge at Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

  • FIRST Robotics Team 1592 Bionic Tigers

  • Society of Women Engineer Space Coast Chapter

  • Caley Burke LinkedIn
  • @RocketCaley Twitter
  • Caley Burke Facebook
  • Caley's Media Appearances: Pinterest
  • RocketCaley Instagram
  • Caleystaxi YouTube
  • NASA's Launch Services Program
  • @NASA_LSP Twitter
  • NASALSP Facebook
  • NASA Kennedy YouTube
  • Space Apps Challenge Website
  • @SpaceAppsKSC Twitter
  • SpaceAppsKSC Facebook
  • SpaceAppsKSC Tumblr
  • SpaceAppsKSC Google+
  • SpaceAppsKSC YouTube
  • SpaceAppsKSC Flickr
  • Bionic Tigers Website
  • @FRC1592 Twitter
  • Bionic Tigers Facebook
  • Bionic Tigers YouTube
  • SWE_SC
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